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Sources close to Jay-Z have told Radar Online he is not pleased with Rihanna after she reunited with Chris Brown for the new tracks, following the brutal beating she suffered from Chris in 2009. The source tells the site, ”Jay was absolutely disgusted by what Chris did to Rihanna. Jay doesn’t understand how a man could ever lay hands on a woman; it just goes against who he is and about. Chris is absolutely dead to Jay, he wants nothing to do with him ever.”

And the source went on to say that in regards to her recording with Chris, “Jay is deeply disappointed in her actions.” The source adds that Jay-Z doesn’t get her thinking, noting, “He understands the need for forgiveness, but he is adamant that Rihanna shouldn’t forget what Chris did to her. Jay wonders what kind of message this is sending to Rihanna’s young female fans.” However, “Rihanna knows how Jay feels about Chris, but she doesn’t care, she is going to do what she wants.”

Wonder if this is gonna put a strain on the business relationship??