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The “King of Auto-Tune,” T-Pain, is showing how the music industry has changed by leaking his own album. His record label is not in the position to put full financial backing into the album, titled RevolveR, which he has been promoting since the summer.

Angered and frustrated, the rapper wrote on Twitter, “Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we ‘love’ so much, I’m just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight.”

T-Pain also blames hackers for releasing inadequate versions of his songs, saying they should have waited for better quality versions, RWD magazine reports.

The hit-maker leaked the first track, “Best Love Song,” featuring Chris Brown, last night. He is receiving mixed messages from fans, but he thanked them for support at the end of his tweet and promoted his toy microphone, which is due out this summer.