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One of the biggest issues that have not been picked up since last week’s storms is trash.

Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington and other surrounding cities had to suspend service last week.

As a result, trash has piled up in cities across North Texas.

“My trash has been sitting outside of my house for more than a week, and it’s overflowing,” said Rob Curran, Dallas resident.

Curran had double the amount of trash ready for pick up and it looked like a mess when the trash collectors arrived.

Wednesday there will be no pick up service in Dallas. It is supposed to be a catch up day, but the forecast may say otherwise. If it snows on Wednesday, then trash will not be collected.

“We have to make sure we are doing things in a safe manner,” said Danielle McClelland, sanitation department. “It is not safe to have twelve ton trucks out there on icy streets.”

The city budgeted for overtime. That was what collectors are receiving, until they are caught up. Every crew is out, with extra workers assigned, to help keep the pace.

“When we have extra garbage that is out, it takes longer to get everything done,” McClelland said.

That may mean a Saturday pick up for Curran.

“I won’t be too happy about it, but what can you do?” Curran said.”Just pile it up and stuff it down.”

Dallas sanitation workers think they will be caught up with Tuesday trash pickup times. They hope to be back on the road no later than Thursday, but it could be Friday if the streets are still slick.

Saturday is the goal to be fully caught up.

Fort Worth wants those who have Wednesday pickups to put their trash out tonight. They hope to run the routes early ahead of the bad weather.