Rep. Frederica Wilson receives ongoing death threats over her criticism of Trump’s condolence phone call with Myeshia Johnson.

Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, was arrested on murder charges in May after stabbing Richard Collins III, 23.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Former President Barack Obama’s quoted Nelson Mandela tweet has a breaking record for the most likes on Twitter. This tweet has reached more than 3 million likes which was posted on Sunday. Here’s the tweet below:     Obama hasn’t tweeted in weeks. He comes out with this record breaking tweet […]

This is so sad… Its 2017 and racism still exist! Hundreds of white supremacist gathered at the University Of Virginia campus carrying torches and shouting “You will not replace us!” according to DailyProgress. According to the racist rally was sparked by the city of Charlottesville’s decision to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. […]

In addition, on Monday Jackson was charged with murder as an act of terrorism, second-degree murder as a hate crime and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

James Harris Jackson told authorities that he has harbored racist violent views for more than ten years.

Iowa rep. Steve King, who is a Republican, dropped another racist comment Monday about Hispanics and Blacks "fighting each other" before outnumbering Whites in the U.S. population.

Chip Berlet, a former senior analyst at Political Research Associates, believes the threat of racial violence is inevitable as a result of Trump's coddling of White supremacists.

Larnell Bruce Jr., 19, was struck and killed in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store in Gresham, Oregon, back in August after getting into an argument with a stranger.

Plus, Pastor Shirley Caesar is trying to make bank from the #UNameIt Challenge and nearly 1,000 people run with autistic boy after quitting team over attack.

"For many, Bannon is one of the leaders of this so-called Alt-Right," Roland Martin says.

Richard Spencer, president of The National Policy Institute and founder of the Radix Journal, and a self-described identitarian who supports White supremacist views, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to share why White voters are so angry. Spencer told Martin that Donald Trump “brings an existential quality to the presidential campaign that wasn’t there before.”   When Martin challenged […]