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Black Tony called up Rickey Smiley to give him an update on the over 70 turkeys he came into just a few days ago. He had a plan to make some money off of them by selling them so people could use them in their holiday meals, but it all turned into a big disaster. […]

In its early stages, ISIS set up family oriented events in war-ravaged Syria, including street fairs with ice-cream competitions and games. As the organization grew, so did its hold on the youth. The group began opening schools and training camps to instill its doctrine.

The plotters stressed that the uprising was necessary in order to restore democracy in their country.

Twenty-eight people were killed and 60 injured when three suicide bombers detonated devices at the Atatürk airport in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday night, The New York Times reports.

A sudden tragedy stuck the Turkey Coast on Friday night. Over 30 refugees drowned early Saturday off the western coast of Turkey when a boat packed with refugees capsized. 75 were rescued after the boat carrying refugees to Greece sank. According to reports, the Turkish coast guard was continuing search-and-rescue efforts where the boat carrying at least 120 people sank off […]

In his weekly address, Obama shared a message of love and compassion, but also gave the American people a subtle reminder about the history of Thanksgiving. The President acknowledged pilgrims arrived in America looking for a safe haven, much like the Syrian refugees of today.

A Texas man who spent 35 years behind bars without a conviction will finally get a second chance at justice. Jerry Hartfield, 59, has been…

Philadelphia native Meek Mill announced details for his first-annual “A Dreamchaser’s Thanksgiving,” according to a press release. Read the full story here: http://www.hiphopdx.com/m/index.php?s=news&id=26400

In today’s Church Announcements Bernice Jenkins announced Sister Jamilla Waters will be selling $10 turkeys for people running low on funds this Thanksgiving. But listen to the audio…

Ebony Steele is back with her deep thoughts, and on of her questions is, turkeys have a wishbone, but do they have a funny bone? Plus, what’s the difference between a regular turkey and a jive turkey? And why do turkeys flap their wings when they can’t fly? Text “Rickey” To 80185 For Breaking News Hear more […]