Follow The Beat On Twitter: CBS 11 News reports that there was a shooting today near TCU (Texas Christian University) leaving 1 dead and 1 injured in Fort Worth. The shooter is still on the run. The suspect is said to be a Black male. -Farlin Ave Sign Up For Our Newsletter! More News: Migos […]

FORT WORTH, Texas – Several students were arrested early Wednesday morning on the campus of Texas Christian University as part of what school officials are calling an “investigation into drug selling.” The number of arrests is not yet known, but according to a post by Chancellor Victor Boschini, Jr. on the TCU website , “many” current […]

The TCU/Wisconsin ROSE BOWL earned ESPN the single largest NON-NFL audience in cable history and was the 3rd most watch cable telecast of ALL TIME !! It falls behind the number 2 most watched, which was the Patriots-Saints Monday Night game on Nov. 30, 2009 and the number 1 most watch, which was the Packers-Vikings […]