Eli Pope, the hell and high water, steps up to save the Gladiators and Mellie from going to jail.

Olivia Pope fights back with the truth and blows the whistle on B613, and Jake and Cyrus have to figure out what their next moves are.

Quinn goes missing on her wedding day and sends Olivia and the gladiators in a frenzy trying to find her.

Maya Pope makes an unexpected move that might either save lives or be really horrible for everyone, while Olivia crosses over to the dark side.

Olivia Pope and her crew discover that there's an even bigger enemy than Peus to battle.

There’s word that Scandal will be wrapping up after next season. With a show based around presidential administrations, there’s only so long that Scandal could feasibly run. As such, the series may be reaching the end of its time. reports that series creator Shonda Rhimes has decided to end Scandal after season 7. ABC […]

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The Gladiators and crew finally get a leg up on Peus and Ruland, but not without a major battle.

Olivia almost gets falsely implicated in Frankie Vargas' assassination, but Fitz isn't having it.

Kerry Washington took to Instagram to celebrate #Scandal100 with behind the scenes footage from last night's episode.

Olivia gets a glimpse of what life would have been like for everyone had she never helped to rig the election in favor of Fitz.

Abby gets her entire life handed to her by the agents who orchestrated Frankie Vargas' assassination.