Peloton is the commercial real estate company that manages the Bank of America building and they recently launched a website where you can change the lights along with the animation of the building once per evening for five minutes.  When they first launched the idea it was only for the Dallas elites but now they are giving […]

Boyz II Men‘s Shawn Stockman took to Instagram to apologize to his wife of 15 years Sharonda Jones, for cheating on her. In the videos, he said he was issuing a public apology, for the things he did “outside of his marriage” that he shouldn’t have. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! But people pounced on […]

50 Cent reportedly doesn’t want the details from his Vitamin Water case to be exposed to the public in fear of jeopardizing future earnings. 50 Cent has been on the wrong side of several lawsuits this past year, resulting in millions of his to be lost and bankruptcy to be filed. So with that said, Fif […]

  A Virginia woman who got arrested for having sex with her unconscious boyfriend in the middle of the day in a a parking lot, claimed the pair “fell victim” to drunkeness and a spontaneous spirit. Too bad this all took place right in front of a day-care center and a US Army recruitment office. […]