These gas prices are gas pricing and it seems like Dallas residents are ready to take matters into their own hands. Recently, there has been a spike in gas theft with companies fling reports losing millions of dollars of fuel. Since 2018, the government has warned citizens about the possibility of identity theft at gas […]

With gas prices soaring across the world, we’re definitely feeling the heat in North Texas (and it’s not even Summer yet!) Keep your pockets as full as you can and save money on gas with Gas Buddy! A site dedicated to helping consumers save money on gas by locating the cheapest gas stations near you […]

With gas prices averaging around $4 a gallon, Americans are unsure how to feel about President Joe Biden’s recent call to companies and corporations to end work from home.   During the height of the pandemic the percentage of people working from home rose from 5% to 37%; that’s about 4.7 million people that work […]

Stuff (Saying it politely) Just got real in Venezuela! ! I know two things that are a necessity in my house and toilet paper is one. The other is not for public knowledge. …  LOL A Venezuelan state agency on Friday ordered the temporary takeover of a factory that produces toilet paper in what it […]

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