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Angela sets a plan in motion that comes back to bite Michael Sandoval big time, Tariq gets the wake up call he needed way too late, and more.

Follow The Beat On Twitter: Hit Series ‘Power’ had the last three episodes leaked a couple days ago. STARZ is the network that the series ‘Power’ is shown on. STARZ is now seeking legal actions against whoever leaked the episodes. It seems as though someone went in, recorded the episodes, and put them on social […]

John presses Proctor about Bailey's whereabouts, the Lobos war is just getting started, Tariq is still bugging out and more.

Sunday night’s episode of Power had everyone talking, as usual — but this time around, the conversations surrounding the episode were a little less approving than the weeks prior. Even 50 Cent, an executive producer on the show, spoke out about the episode and slammed Starz not giving them an extended episode, which caused the […]

Ghost is one step closer to getting exonerated, but his troubles are far from over.

Proctor is still working to get Ghost exonerated but Tommy and the feds throw wrenches in his plans.

Ghost's lawyer Proctor is going above and beyond to make sure Ghost does not get the death penalty.

Warning: This is a spoilerpalooza. Episode 402 of Power opens on a somber note because Ghost is still locked up, and we know he’s not getting out any time soon. Tasha informs her children that if anyone asks them anything about their father, they better go mute. This is the moment they ask her where […]

Ghost is facing serious charges for killing Greg Knox, a crime he didn't commit.

Some of you may have seen the 30-second teaser about the new season when it was released back in April. Well the first official trailer is here, and by the looks of it has more drama than ever! “Ghost’s darkest hour has arrived. He’s no longer ahead of the game,” reads the description for the video on YouTube. […]