Fans have created a petition for Big Pun to be honored with a street on East 163rd Street and Rogers Place in the Bronx and could go before city council representatives. City Councilman Rafael Salamanca told a local news station if residents support the proposal, he will bring the idea to a vote. The move, headed by […]

A petition circulated the web demanding that this year's headliner, Lady Gaga, be replaced with Migos.

Kim Burrell isn’t really America’s favorite person right now,  but there are some people in the world who support her. The legendary gospel singer’s viral anti-gay sermon even cost Burrell her chance to perform on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show after Ellen cancelled the singer’s appearance. But for all the hate the Burrell has been getting, […]

Only in ‘Murica. A petition for ABC to drop Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy is circulating. It’s claiming that his BET Awards speech is “racist.” Apparently Williams’ speech has scared some Grey’s Anatomy viewers to the point that they just can’t stand to watch the show again if Jesse Williams equal rights-demanding face is on […]

Sign this petition for Ty – Enough signatures can Be A start to justice 💯 Click the Link in my bio #JUSTICEFORTY🙏🏼 — RicanPapi♛…

When Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy found out the high-end cough syrup Actavis was being taken off the market due to its abuse in the form…

  According to Clutch Magazine, Chief Keef is coming under fire for some of his lyrics and a group in Chicago is working to keep…

Looks like Shawty Lo isn’t gonna got “quiet into the night” after the OXYGEN NETWORK cancelled “All MY BABA’S MAMAS”…apparently, a petition was started yesterday by a Woman Named Kali Bowyer, from South Carolina here is a part of her statement: It’s a sad day in America, when people attempt to reject a father that […]

It has been rumored all week that due to an online petition and because of the backlash on Twitter and Facebook that the OXYGEN NETWORK would end up pulling the plug on SHAWTY LO’S “ALL MY BABY’S MAMA’S”. And late yesterday afternoon Oxygen did confirm that the controversial show would not ever see the light […]

The Parents Television Council has joined in the fight to have the Shawty Lo show, “All My Baby’s Mamas” axed from the Oxygen Network before it premieres. In a statement The PTC stated: We are asking our members to take action and let Oxygen know that this program would undermine children and families. If Oxygen […]

There is a movement started by a New York Woman to get “All My Baby’s Mamas” cancelled before it even airs on the Oxygen Network! Sabrina Lamb has started a petition on and currently has 6,745 signatures asking for Oxygen to yank the show before it airs and also states that those who have […]