lil mama Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Ladies and gents before the kickbacks and pregames start!! Press play and check out the #LipGlossChallenge or called the #CapellaGreyChallenge. Youtube star @Jimaniumquee_ decide too put her flavor on it! A couple scrolls later the Lip Gloss creator “Lil Mama” reposted & cosigned the contest. Side note its […]

Rappers have public beef all the time, but when it comes to female emcees, things tend to get a little shady.

Headkrack is joined by JahLion Sound for this edition of the Hip-Hop Spot, and they talk about the possibility of Lil Mama‘s career being hurt by the Illuminati. What do you think? Sign Up For Our Newsletter! They also discuss the rumors of Gucci Mane having a clone and Frank Ocean‘s heartfelt open letter. Watch […]

Backed by her bandana bandits, Lil Mama boogies down to Drake’s summer anthem with her latest freestyle viral. Stay cool.

Headkrack and Brat went in once again in this edition of “Flow And Go!” They covered a bunch of topics, from Power, Katt Williams, Lil Mama  and many more!…

Poppin' lip gloss couldn't get Lil Mama out of this jam.

Get This Work. If it ain’t about the money, she ain’t talking. Bringing her sexy back, Lil Mama works the dance floor with her rendition of Rihanna and Drake’s #1 hit.

Mama’s House Moving on from the “Memes“, Lil Mama takes to the court for her gritty interpretation of Desiigner’s single, “Panda”. Look out.

Lil Mama laughs off the crying memes and fires back at the online haters in her new video. Sampling the late Frank White, the track is lifted from her recent EP, Take Me Back.

Lil Mama needs to stop being the punchline of everyone's jokes.