Government Shutdown

The Racial Issues Of Facial Recognition In Trump’s America Facial Recognition isn’t only being used by social media platforms to test their latest software updates via #tenyearchallenge posts. With the development of cellphones, fingerprint scanners and virtual assistants, facial recognition has become an essential security measure that has only tapped the surface of the impact […]


President Trump announced on Friday that he will endorse a short-term funding bill to re-open the government, which has been operating under a partial shutdown since December 21st.

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Leave it up to one of your favorite  power couples to cover the hot topics. Soulja Boy, the Welterweight Champion, the politics in America’s current situation. Even a rare history lesson regarding president 43.

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Cardi B is fed up President 45 due to the longest ever government shutdown. Press play as Kulture mom drops her input on the country’s confusion. Cardi even admits to her role in society but still recognizes wrong doing.

Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Kirk Franklin opens up to his social media platform, to the seriousness of the recent government shutdown. Some workers across the country have even called in to work “sick”. Due to paychecks being delivered with a $0.00 balance has caused more harm than help to goverment employees nationwide. Press play […]

Government shutdowns have become a regular topic of conversation in Washington D.C. for the last few years. While many thought the talk of shutting down the government would have ended with Speaker of the House John Boehner’s retirement, politicians are still continuing to use it as a threat, and congressional gridlock is becoming rather normal. The […]

In a morning meeting with Republicans on Friday, House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress amidst a struggle that could end with a government…