The free-agent quarterback went to the Motherland in to see where his ancestors came from and to finally feel free.

ISIS claimed responsibility for setting off the explosives that killed 36.

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Many people believed that the hijacker may have been affiliated with ISIS, but he took over the plane because he wanted to give a letter to his ex-wife.

Hollywood is no stranger to getting it wrong when it comes to Black History. From fantasy films to revenge slave dramas, time and again,Hollywood has really tried it. They’ve even re-written African history and removed us from it. When it seems they’ve had the best intentions, some of these films have fallen completely flat. And even when […]

Officials say the pilot reported technical difficulties and lost contact with air traffic controllers 23 minutes after reaching an altitude of 31,000 feet.

As President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro shook hands at Friday night’s Summit of the Americas, the two power players quietly made history. Though…

(CAIRO, EGYPT) — President Mubarak has resigned control of the Egyptian government to Vice President Omar Suleiman; fled to Sharm el–Sheikh… #thatisall