Former Toys ‘R” Us employees were not happy when Geoffrey the mascot made a surprise appearance last week at the Dallas Toy Preview. Thousands of former Toys ‘R’ Us employees are still waiting for severance pay. The mascot was wearing a cape that featured the company’s new logo and store name, Geoffrey’s Toy Box.  Are you happy Toys ‘R’ Us […]


Twelve years later and they are making a comeback, even keeping their retro cans.  The company said that because of people starting petitions, online groups, and letters asking Planters to bring back their Cheez Balls they are back for a limited time.   Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  The Latest:

We caught up with Trinidad Jame$ out in Hollywood, California, where he now resides, to discuss his unsuspecting "comeback," being written off in hip-hop, giving back to the community, and the weirdness of fame.

Everyone loves a good ol’ comeback, but the resurgence of the entity that is Janet Jackson is way more than that. Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty) recently…

People will do and say anything to get the harsh criticism of the public off of them. Sometimes, it works and other times, it only…

After claiming that radio stations refused to play his music and crying for fans' support on SayNow, Chris Brown decided to come back to popular micro-blogging site Twitter.