T.I.'s bodyguard got stabbed at one of his concerts in Canada.

T.I. has been on the road promoting his new album with little to no drama at all – until Monday night, that is.

Canada's prime minister calls the Quebec mosque shooting a 'terrorist attack on Muslims.' Two gunmen killed at least six worshippers.

Tory Lanez, chats with the morning show cast about his love for Tim Horton’s, and what makes it so special compared to American breakfast spots. As the son of a missionary preacher, he talks about why going into rap as a profession (as opposed to gospel) wasn’t an issue. And he reveals his goals in […]

It’s been about a year since Tory Lanez, rapper behind the number one hit “Say It,” first came to the studio to visit “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!” He talks about the cinematic quality of his album, and talks about his city of Toronto in comparison to life in the United States. He remarks on the […]

There are going to be a mad drug dealer and some very disappointed drug users. But the police are having some fun, while sending a message to the intended recipient of the drugs with this comment, “Hey! Navi. Are you missing some substance, better known as heroin?” Calgary police’s post stated. “If so, we really […]

The world's sexiest leaders finally meet, hopefully Vice President Joe Biden wasn't caught in his feelings.

Trump had a big night on Super Tuesday, winning seven out of 12 states, and that’s got some nervous folks starting to think about getting the heck out of Dodge. According to Google Trends, there was a 350% spike in people Googling “How to Move to Canada.” And search interest in “Move to Canada” reached a record […]

We know Drake is a ping-pong fan, and now he’s chosen to put his paddle to the test against NBA All-Star Reggie Miller. The match came about when Reggie tweeted “Working on my NBA All-Star plans and my peeps say @Drake is a master ping pong player, maybe he’s up for a match.” A short time later Drake publicly […]

The gunman allegedly shot two of his siblings at home before making his way to the school.

I don’t know why the police are tripping,  this lady was just trying to smoke a little bit and kick it (get it. .foosball and kick it). Well if you didn’t get my little corny joke, just know this. The woman told authorities in New York state she was crossing the boarder to buy tickets for […]