Former Texas Longhorns star Earl Thomas who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens was caught by his gun-toting wife while he was in bed naked with 2 other women and his brother Seth Thomas. His wife Nina was able to track them down at an AirBnb in Texas using SnapChat. Everything is bigger in Texas… […]

Brothers, actors and comedians Joe and Guy Torry took some time to talk with the morning show crew about their episode of Unsung: Hollywood, which airs on TVOne tonight at 8pm EST. They talked about their careers and the films they have worked on, and revealed how they were feeling after the election results came […]

Gary Spilled The Tea To Rickey Saying that Janet Jackson is Done Paying Her Brother and Sisters Bill, Only Her Mother has her Phone Number Now!! “Janet has been very generous whenever one of her family came to her for a handout,” a source told Enquirer. “But it seemed like the money she gave them […]