Sears has filled for bankruptcy. The company plans to close up to 150 stores with hopes that it will help the company make it through the holiday season. Sears has entered voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings after a decade of struggling. The company was at its peak in the 1990s until Target, Walmart, and other […]

A judge has put to rest all of Michael Vick’s financial troubles. The former NFL star is officially out of bankruptcy after he paid back more than $17 million in debt! As you recall, Vick filed for Chapter 11 back in 2008 after his dog-fighting scandal that landed him in federal prison and out of […]

Tisha Campbell Martin and her husband have had to file for bankruptcy, but Gary With Da Tea points out why that’s not that end of the world despite what everyone is making it out to be. Watch the video above to see him explain more in this exclusive video edition of Gary’s Tea! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the […]

Earlier today, E! reported Duane Martin and wife Tisha Campbell filed for bankruptcy.

50 Cent’s bankruptcy case just got a little more interesting. After claiming bankruptcy in court last year, 50 Cent‘s recent Instagram flexeshave been called into question by his judge, particularly, some photos which find him posing with large amounts of cash. According to TMZ, the rapper has responded to his judge’s request for explanation by claiming […]

Allegedly, 50 Cent is in $30 million of debt and selling the Connecticut estate will help him to save a reported $70K per month.

50 Cent reportedly doesn’t want the details from his Vitamin Water case to be exposed to the public in fear of jeopardizing future earnings. 50 Cent has been on the wrong side of several lawsuits this past year, resulting in millions of his to be lost and bankruptcy to be filed. So with that said, Fif […]