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It’s chocolate Wednesday! Yes, that’s right, “He Can Get It” Wednesday is featuring some mocha chocolate for your sweet tooth.

This week’s sexy chocolate morsel of a man is 21-year old Branden Mitch. He was born in Belflower, California but raised in Ontario, California.

Branden’s modeling career started four months ago when one day he was sitting at home thinking whether or not if he wanted to continue playing football, or start pursuing his modeling and acting career. So, he decided that his heart wasn’t in football like it was before and he decided it was time to take a leap. He made a couple of calls and got in contact with a local photographer and started doing some shoots. Then another photographer, Hasson Harris, saw some of his photos and Branden’s career went into overdrive, and he hasn’t looked back since. Thank goodness!

When Branden is not modeling he works part-time in retail and he is also in school. He plans to transfer to Cal State Los Angeles and get his B.A. in psychology. He then plans to obtain his doctorate in psychology.

“He Can Get It” Wednesday: Darrick

I asked Branden what he looks for in that special lady. “The first thing I look I for in a woman is confidence. I hate cocky females,” Branden said.  “I also like a woman to have goals and she is working towards them, and not just talking to be talking. I love a woman that has some fight in her. I bite she bites back. You catch my drift? I like a woman that isn’t scared to speak her mind or tell me what she wants. I wouldn’t mind if she took it sometimes. Oh, and I almost forgot I love creamy smooth skin. That is a super turn on for me.” It sounds like Branden likes to get freaky.

Branden says in his down time he likes to watch movies and cartoons. “Yes I’m a big kid. I also like to sit around with family and friends and laugh. I also try to come up with new and innovative ideas for photo shoots. Other than that, I’m a real home body.” How many ladies would like to sit at home with this gorgeous hard-body?

You can reach Branden on Facebook, HERE! Or, you can follow him on Twitter, HERE!

Enjoy the photos of Branden!