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Even if you’re earning minimum wage, you can “live in luxury” — depending, of course, on what your definition of luxury is! These money saving tips may not help you purchase a Jaguar or house on the beach, but they could get you started on the road to financial abundance…

One of the best ways to live big on a small budget is to buy less and invest more. I’m not necessarily talking about investing in stocks or real estate…investing in yourself by learning about your tax write-offs or getting more education or job training can pay off big time in the long run!

And, here are five ways to save a few extra bucks…

1. Get budget help from a frugal person…or a financial planner. If you’re struggling to stick to your household budget – much less invest in your career or pay off your mortgage loan! – find a frugal person. Sit down with her, share your expenses and income, and ask how her to help you spend less and save more money. Frugal people don’t just pinch pennies; they know how to make smart money decisions. Let them help you with your finances.

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2. Find two new ways to minimize your financial expenses every month. You’ve heard all the “smart ways to save money tips” before…but do you actually implement them? Here’s one way to make the tips work: practice two new ways to save money every month. For instance, you could focus on saving money on your grocery bill and reducing transportation costs one month. The next month, concentrate on spending less money on lunches and saving more money by not letting leftover food go to waste. It takes some initial time and effort to incorporate those money saving tips into your everyday life, but it eventually becomes part of your lifestyle….and they’ll speed up your financial growth.


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