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Chris Henry’s fiancee is finally speaking out about the events leading up to his death. Original reports stated that Chris fell from the back of a truck she was driving after a domestic dispute however, she tells ESPN that he jumped:

“I wasn’t going fast. Maybe he was scared because he saw someone calling the police”. Tonga told Barr that Henry jumped, rather than fell, from the back of the pickup.

“He jumped,” she said. “He jumped. He jumped from the back of the car.” Tonga didn’t give a specific speed, but she said she wasn’t driving fast in the 35-mph zone. “I know I wasn’t going fast at all because I was trying to drive slow because I knew he was in the back standing up,” she said. She also told Barr that she didn’t stop because there was nowhere to stop on the road.

A neighbor, Lee Hardy, said on the day Henry died that he heard Henry say that if Tonga kept driving, he’d jump from the truck and kill himself. Tonga doesn’t think that was the case.

“I have no idea what was going through his mind,” she said. “But as far as him wanting to end his life , no, he had too much going on. I know he wouldn’t want to be gone away from his kids. He loves his kids. And everything was going really good. It’s just that one day …”

The full interview airs Sunday on ESPN @ 9pm