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Looks like organizers have rallied together at Dallas City Hall to protest women’s rights! Today hundreds of people showed up to protest after nearly 50 years of abortion rights were taken away last Friday following the Roe. v Wade overruling. The current law in Texas that has been in place since September 2021 says that if a heartbeat can be detected, which may be as early as 6 weeks into a woman’s pregnancy, then an abortion is ruled illegal. The new law completely banning abortions was set to take place in the next 30 days, but abortion providers were told by the state’s attorney general that “they could immediately be held criminally liable for providing abortions under Texas laws the predate Roe v. Wade.”

To counterattack this, a Harris County judge granted a temporary restraining order Tuesday to block a pre-Roe v. Wade abortion ban that will allow procedures after six weeks at some clinics. Following the order, the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU said in a statement, “Every day that clinics can remain open will save countless people from the life-altering risks and consequences of forced pregnancy.” See below as pro-lifers, abortion supporters, and police clash in the streets of Downtown Dallas.

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