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Here goes the internet all in celebrities business again-but oddly they opened the door to ALLOW us in this time.

Danileigh and Da Baby are going back and forth on social media and it does not look good. Apparently, they’ve been shacked up since Dani delivered their baby boy but now it seems like ‘Mr. I Needed Some Ish With Some Bop’ In It wants her OUT of his home (and for the record, she has a beautiful home in the Dominican Republic). He even called the COPS!

After staying silent and being the “butt of the joke” for some time, Dani finally spoke out about how she was feeling about it all.

As if Da Baby wasn’t embarrassing enough, he OPENLY calls her a “side b” while on IG Live.

But Dani responded with receipts that prove Baby HAS been treating her like a WIFE.

That’s not all! Things got messiER when Da Baby’s OTHER baby mama jumped in with her two cents she believes Dani put some mojo to make Baby fall for her.

Whew lawddd! Hopefully Da New Baby won’t have to deal with all this toxicity from BOTH sides the older he gets.

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