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If you’re a workaholic, you and The Weeknd have something in common. The “Take My Breath” singer says he “can’t stop working.”

“I don’t even know what winding down really means, I just love work, you know. I love to work. I love my job. I love to create. And if I do take a vacation, it can’t be for too long because I feel like I’m missing out on everything that I could be doing. So, yeah. I try my best, but no, I haven’t in a while. I do staycations if that counts,” The Weeknd told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Weeknd

Source: Def Jam

What is keeping The Weeknd busy nowadays is his unreleased album, “The Dawn Is Coming.” There isn’t a release date for the album but The Weeknd says he should finish the album this month and he is working with his team are trying to find the perfect release date.


Source: Joe Chea / Joe Chea

As for how The Weeknd dealt with the pandemic he says, “I’m kind of just living in the moment right now.” But like most artists the one thing he misses most is performing. “There’s just something about going on tour, and even going on festival runs, and just experiencing new music with the crowd.”

I for one can’t wait to hear new music from The Weeknd,. What do you think about his latest song, “Take My Breath?” Hit me up on my socials.



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