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Heritage Financial Group

Source: Wes Harsley / Heritage Financial Group

Heritage Financial Group is a family-run, black owned financial services firm on a mission to serve as a trusted resource for educators and their families, especially during these unpredictable time.

We recently sat down with founder Wes Harsley to learn more about HFG and the important work they’re doing for the educational industry.

Tell us about how Heritage Financial Group came to be and why you’re passionate about supporting and working with educators?

WH:// I grew up in a home with a mom and eventually two sisters who became educators! My mother always taught us that education was the key that would open the door of opportunity in life!! I believe that teaching is a calling, a passion to elevate, inspire, and motivate young minds to learn. My mother (who was my first educator) was right! Education was the door that opened doors for me to succeed. I spent 25 years traveling around the country providing educators with income protection and life insurance programs. HFG was birthed out of a desire to serve those who serve our children.

What insurance solutions do you currently provide?

WH:// HFG offers various types of disability income protection, lump sum critical illness benefits, long term care benefits and med sup (medical supplement) plans.

How has COVID-19 affected your clients? Your company?

WH:// Whenever there is uncertainty in the world, it forces people to think about protecting and preserving their most important assets valuable to them. The pandemic certainly has brought fear, stress and a sense of instability. Our agency is still committed to providing great products that offer great financial assurance to all of our clients. The biggest change for our company in the new age of social distance is making sure that we provide the same quality of service via digital platforms such as Zoom versus having the ability to meet face to face with each client.

What is the biggest misconception people have about life insurance?

WH:// “It’s too expensive! It’s too complicated to get enrolled! Will they really pay my family if something happens to me?!” The truth is life insurance has evolved over the years. The new life products we offer has living benefits that will pay you a lump sum while you are still living to pay bills and when you pass away it will pay your beneficiary a check to settle your final expenses. All of our plans are affordable and have options to refund all of your premiums back to you once your policy matures.

Medicare seems to be a hot button topic right now for many individuals. How does Heritage Financial Group help individuals in this area?

WH:// Everyday there’s 10,000 people who turn 65 who will need basic health services including hospital stays, physician services and prescription drugs. Our agency partners with highly rated insurance companies that help you receive more benefits than what you would ordinarily receive under original Medicare. It can be complicated because there’s a lot of different options to consider. Our goal is to help each client identify a plan that helps fill gaps in their coverage.

Heritage Financial Group

Source: Wes Harsley / Heritage Financial Group

You are a family-owned company. Tell us more about that and how it may make HFG different from its competitors?

WH:// Yes, we are a minority, family-owned company that’s committed to serving one customer at a time…We have partnered with (A+ rated) billion dollar companies to find the very best benefits at the very lowest possible cost to empower each and every client.

Do you have solutions for small business owners?

WH:// Absolutely, the need for our financial services are universal. With the rising cost of healthcare more small business owners are feeling the pain of trying to absorb the total cost of providing benefits to their employees. We have inexpensive solutions that can be offered on an individual basis that can alleviate the burden from the entrepreneur.

For individuals looking to secure life insurance for the first time but not sure how to get started, what tips would you provide?

WH:// I would say let’s have a conversation and we promise not to give you a sales pitch. 98% of our clients prefer to have a conversation with one of our advisors so that way we can answer all of your questions and seamlessly enroll you when you’re ready.

What is next for Heritage Financial Group?

Our business is growing and expanding into all markets and at our core with the help of Assure, we will continue to serve educators and their families nationally.

Any final thoughts that you would like to share with the Urban One community?

WH:// Urban One family… Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn income. “Protect it. Preserve it.” Limit your exposure. We can provide you and your family with the best products on the market with the minimum investment.

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