It’s about time we put some respect on these kings’ names! Here’s why we love them.

5. Urkel


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He’s only on the list because I couldn’t think of anyone else. But he’s not bae. Not because he’s a nerd. Because he thought it was cute to constantly pester a woman who continued to refuse him, and only wanted him after his Clark Kent Superman transformation. So he’s a stalker with no self-esteem. Yea we stay away from these men.

4. Stanley from “Friday”

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That man was mild-mannered, had a job, and a house with a nice yard. He even left the hood after a street fight with the neighborhood bully and a man who got fired for selling boxes. And all he wanted was for you to stay off his grass?? That’s bae.

3. Carlton Banks

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We have so much in common! There’s only about 1 dance I know how to do, we both have a cousin named Will, and both had daddies involved with the law. Mine went to jail, and Uncle Phil sentenced ppl to jail. We’re meant to be!

2. Jake from State Farm

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My man Jake. He’s the 2 things I need: he’s fine, and reliable. That man can read your thoughts, then appear outta nowhere and give u what u need. Gimme my mind reader!

1. Method Man from “Power”

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I know everyone else on this list was funny, but I MUST add Method Man. Did you see him in them draws yesterday?? Talkin bout Man Crush Monday. Tuh…that man can crush me on Monday!

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