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I was sleep before midnight last night, and let me tell you….we should all do it. Here’s why:

5. Payday is Tomorrow

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Normally you’d be up playing PlayStation and ordering delivery. But not the day before your check hits! Yup, might as well eat some leftovers and lay it on down at 8 pm. You’ll be back balling at 4 am when you wake up to pee.

4. You Cheating on Bae

Walgreens pharmacy, Over the counter cough and flu medicine aisle

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You better start yawning soon as u walk in the house! Smelling like booty and bad decisions. I know it’s just 7:30, but you better take some NyQuil and drift off to La La Land before she realizes you can’t keep it in your pants.

3. Cause You are NOT a Rapper


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I know the cool thing to do is to “sleep when you die,” but look here. You gone die if you don’t sleep. You not in nobody’s studio cranking out platinum hits. So go to bed.

2. Cause You ARE a Rapper

Tekashi 6ix9ine

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You grinding all day and night, recording song after song. This album gotta get done. But hey, maybe you should sleep in between sessions so you can make better music. Cause your new single, “Trapping Out of Target” ain’t the one bruh.

1. Cause You’re Supposed To!

Renovation of Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge in Moscow

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You know what makes people happy? Sunshine and sleep! It’s a proven fact that people who sleep less, get beat up more. Can’t focus! So trust me on this: the cool thing to do…is drool, snore, and scratch. What? You don’t scratch…? Judge ya mama.