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Well it looks like the plot has officially thickened! After Megan Thee Stallion went on Instagram accusing Tory Lanez of shooting her a lot of people wondered why he would do that considering Meg said he reportedly he had no reason. Well Meg did said they all were arguing in the SUV before the shooting so what I automatically assumed was the argument was over Megs best friend Kelsey, like I felt it in my spirit. Also considering Meg unfollowed Kelsey it made even more sense, well it looks like I may have been right. A reported close source to Megan said a night of fun at Kylie Jenner’s house first took a turn for the worse when Megan Thee Stallion became upset about Tory flirting with  Kylie ,  then the argument got even more heated when Meg found of Tory was allegedly sleeping with her BFF Kelsey.


An insider says,

All the witnesses at the pool party who have given statements say Meg got super jealous of Tory flirting with Kylie and flipped out. That being said, Kylie could be subpoenaed to show up in court to be a witness to what happened that night and Kylie’s people won’t let that happen and have a lot of influence with the Mayor of [Los Angeles]. Also the DA doesn’t want to bring it to court because they know they will lose the case based on the lack of evidence and contradictory statements. Also the neighbor/witness Megan talked about who called the police didn’t see anything, she just heard one gunshot and got a description of the car [and] that’s in the original police report. There is no video of the actual incident, that’s a lie.

“It wasn’t Tory and Megan arguing in the car, it was Megan and Kelsey arguing because they found out that night that they were both sleeping with Tory when Megan got jealous over Kylie. That’s why they are no longer friends and had the big falling out. They almost came to blows in the car because everyone was drunk. It was a big mess.”

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