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Happy Good Friday! Every day above ground is a good day, but Fridays are for positive vibes, happy thoughts, and good news only! Here are some things to avoid to keep the Good Friday energy going:

5. You’re Late

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Okay this one is for me. As a result of being 3 minutes late for the gym, I got worked harder and now I feel like I got hit by a truck. My Friday night is officially canceled.

4. You Get Curved

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Listen, nobody likes rejection. You’re embarrassed, your pride is bruised…I get it. But there are plenty fish in the sea. I have an entire OCEAN of ones in my DMs that I’ll be happy to pass along.

3. You Don’t Get Air in Your Tire

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You’ve had a slow leak for 2 months and just kept on getting free air from the QT and riding. But you got lazy and didn’t get air before you headed to work. Next thing you know BOOM: wire sticking out your tire. Now you gotta call the mechanic instead of your man-meat appointment.

2. You Get Called Into Work

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You love your job. Everyone there thinks you’re enthusiastic, helpful, and a team player. And that’s why you’re the fist one they call when that lazy nothing calls in to work. You better start slacking like everyone else, so you can enjoy your weekend.

1. YOU Ruin Your Friday!

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Have you ever heard that thoughts become things? It’s true. The longer you say “my life is miserable,” the less chance it has of getting better. Just try it; clearly your way hasn’t been working. And if you can’t do that, keep your negative behind away from me.