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Jada Pinkett Smith has made the word “entanglement” more famous than it probably should be. But she’s had a few. Let’s discuss:

5. The Matrix and the Reloading

2018 New York Comic Con - Day 4

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Imagine dating your boss, then leaving him for your coworker! You bout to be the cause of a war against everything in the Matrix, simply because you couldn’t decide between Morpheus and the other light skinned dude!

4. A Menace and Society

American Black Film Festival Honors Awards Ceremony - Arrivals

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So your baby daddy is a dope boy who got caught, then you fell in love with his homeboy. Now y’all finna move to Atlanta to start a better life, but he has the nerve to die in a drive by shooting. So now you’re in an entanglement with a man in jail, and a man in the ground. Whew, hold this L.

3. A Girl and her Trip

Girls Trip Paris Premiere At Cinema UGC Cine Cite Bercy

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Busting a hazelNUT keeps you regular, and what better way to cure that dry spell than with a girls’ trip? But you’re so timid that you don’t remember how it all works. Now instead of starting things off romantically, the man winds up with grapefruit in his eye! Who tryna stay entangled after that?

2. A Nut and a Professor

Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2011

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Despite knowing Sherman was a cheesestick away from a heart attack, you still gave him attention. Then the moment you got upset, you left him for a skinny guy…only to get back with the fat one, therefore telling him it’s okay to weigh 735 pounds. He needs an entanglement with “My 600 Pound Life.”

1. A Therapist and Her Patient

2017 BET Awards - Red Carpet

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Someone comes to you for healing, and you just want to help. But you somehow wind up in an entanglement with them?? You have a husband, 2 kids, a stepson…you used to have an acting career….August has grey sweatpants, boxer briefs, big hands….Jada, come back to the red table. I got some questions of my own.