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Coronavirus forced BET to hold the awards virtually this year, and I realized a lot of things after watching them.

5. People Actually Work for BET

BET Awards 2020

Source: BET Awards 2020 / Getty

As unorganized as the BET Awards usually are, this one didn’t miss a beat. If, hopefully, the awards are back to being live next year, they need to start planning NOW. Clearly they need time.

4. Artists DO know how to Perform

BET Awards 2020

Source: BET Awards 2020 / Getty

Since there was no stage for the musical guests to perform on, they had to make mini music videos. Baby they were moving, rapping live, had dancers….doing everything they DIDN’T do for the real sh ow. But that figures: black people have been doing more with less since they stole us.

3. I Know Where The Budget Went

BET Awards 2020

Source: BET Awards 2020 / Getty

Amanda Seales hosted the show and of course they always change outfits, but baby she changed outfits 13 times in 19 minutes! What other outfits did BET send her? What’s her address and when is she not home? I’m tryna see something.

2. Beyonce Been Woke

Beyonce at TIDAL X: 1015 benefit concert

Source: Getty

Queen Bey won the Humanitarian Awards, and it really showed ALLLLL the things she does to fight systemic racism and oppression. It’s in her music, the visuals, and the money she spends.  Salute Beyonce for being unapologetically black. Now I don’t know what her husband is doing…

1. I Love Being Black

Black Lives Matter

Source: Michael B. Thomas / Stringer / Getty

Almost every performance had a black power fist, black lives matter…something that reminded us that the fight is not over. I don’t even have a joke, other than it’s funny that it took innocent black people being killed for it to happen, even though innocent black people have been killed since slavery…