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There’s no way possible over $1 Trillion worth of food is thrown away EVERY year…there’s just none.

“Agricultural farmers make up about one-third of the global workforce.” according to BBC World News, but here’s the crazy part; Most of these farmers can’t afford to buy the food they produce because in developing countries, buying food can take up LITERALLY 50% of their income. So unlike subsistence farming where farmers grow enough for their family, a lot of farmers just end up going hungry to afford a better lifestyle.

Over 11% of the world or roughly 780 million people live below the international poverty line where people survive off $1.90 A DAY! That’s $13 a week, $53 a month, $638 a year. In America, you can’t even afford a motel for the night! Crisis like these aren’t just happening in third world countries, even in America people are suffering. Just last year in 2018, over 37 million people couldn’t afford food to eat.

It’s SO important to help our communities by donating and volunteering at food banks. Two of my favorites in Dallas are Minnie’s Food Pantry and the North Texas Food Bank. Take some time out of your Saturday morning to give two hours of your life to feed hundreds of people in your own backyard, you can even donate as low as $1 to provide 3 meals to a family in need.