There’s no way possible over $1 Trillion worth of food is thrown away EVERY year…there’s just none. “Agricultural farmers make up about one-third of the global workforce.” according to BBC World News, but here’s the crazy part; Most of these farmers can’t afford to buy the food they produce because in developing countries, buying food […]

The median net worth of people from the Caribbean is much higher than that for non-immigrant African Americans, who have an average of $8.

People in Black and Hispanic communities are spending nearly half their income on rent.

Sasha Obama was noticeably absent during President Obama's final speech on Tuesday. According to reports, she was studying for an exam.

The HuffPost forecast model shows Clinton has a 98.2 percent chance of becoming the nation’s next president and will likely win with 323 electoral votes.

On Monday, hundreds of people representing educators, civil rights and voting rights groups, labor, and environmental activists gathered at 30 state capitals across the country to demand change during the "Higher Ground Moral Day of Action" demonstrations.

Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan have apparently reached across the aisle to support a ground-breaking anti-poverty plan.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans are looking for ways to combat poverty in America and unveiled their plan to level the playing field for many impoverished Americans.

Jonna Ivin, Founder of STIR Journal, explains why poor White voters are chanting 'Trump, Trump Trump' in a new article.

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now took an in-depth look at Sunday night's CNN/TV One Democratic Town Hall.

Officials admit they’ve waited for bone-chilling temps before warming up their residents.

Also in today's news roundup, an associate of Dylann Roof has been arrested by the FBI in connection with the Emanuel AME shooting and John Boehner is being pressured by the Republicans to cut funding from Planned Parenthood.