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Today is National Voter Registration Day! In 2012, they decided to form this day that way it can bring awareness on the importance of voting  and the opportunities that come with voting. The online campaign spread like wild fire a few years ago and it has helped a lot with the broad spectrum’s of voting. Upcoming elections start in the fall, not only the big 2020 election. According to National Voter Registration Day’s site about 800,000 people used National Voter Registration Day to register to vote last year throughout the state.

Michelle Obama is a big vessel when it comes to getting the community to vote; her and other celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Faith Hill and much more are pushing everyone to vote and get three friends to make sure they are registered today.

To see if you’re registered to vote or need to do so, simply go to You can also search for an event in your area.

Other ways you can vote are talking to locals in your area who are ready to vote, you can message our very own Leah Henry and ask her to register you to vote. Some people believe it’s more simple to vote by going to your local MVA. You simply can walk up to them and state you want to be registered to vote or even change your political party.

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