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I’ve never been so stressed trying to plan a trip to NYC! Here are some things to avoid so you don’t feel my pain.

5. You Get Lost

LA Premiere Of Gravitas Ventures' "Changeland"

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And lemme guess: your phone died so you can’t call anybody. Girl ain’t nobody got time for you to be out here like Macaulay Culkin lost in New York. You better bring a portable charger just in case.

4. You Don’t Book a Hotel

SLUG: ME/MOTELS High school kids are getting motel rooms, p

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Everyone wants the best deal, understandably. But waiting until the last minute isn’t always the best idea. I’ve been homeless before. Ain’t gone be no homeless part 2. Get on Travelocity now.

3. One of Your Friends Leaves the Group


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Girl if we would’ve known you were coming up here to get some man meat, we woulda booked  this trip on another date. We got all these girls trip activities planned and you left your single friends for that man?!? I know we sounds like some hating, jealous chicks….and it’s becase we are.

2. You Run Out Of Money

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There’s a reason people PLAN their trips. They SAVE for them. Because ain’t nobody got time to be living their best life, on an okay-life budget. We did not leave Dallas to still eat In and Out Burger.

1. You Get Stuck with the Negative Friend

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Why she even come?? She don’t wanna leave the hotel. She don’t wanna go out. She don’t wanna take pics…she just don’t. Stop thinking your pessimistic friend just needs a getaway; she needs therapy. So leave her at home so she can get it.