I found a grey hair in my head and I am distraught!!! I’m too young for this! But….does this mean I’m getting old…?

5. You Groan When You Stand Up/Sit Down

Fever-Tree Championships - Day Four

Source: Alex Pantling / Getty

You know that universal “arrgggh” you hit when you have to bend or straighten your legs? Yup, time to start Silver Sneakers at the gym.

4. You Dread Going to the Club

Happy friends cheering and drinking cocktails

Source: zeljkosantrac / Getty

Remember when you would stay out until 4 am drinking and dancing on beat..? If it’s been more than 10 years since you’ve done it, you might be ready for AARP.

3. You Hate the Summer Because Kids Will Be Outside

Harlem Children

Source: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

If the sound of kids minding their business playing in the sun bothers you, it means you’re not a kid. You’re a grumpy old woman.

2. Saying “When I Was Your Age”

Beautiful ethnic Grandma is laughing with her young Granddaughter.

Source: FatCamera / Getty

This officially means you can have adult conversations with people younger than you. If they’re young…..what are you…?


Elder Senior Couple Relaxing And Looking Out Window

Source: FatCamera / Getty

You know who has grey hair? Old people, and that one weird kid in third grade. So you’re either a baby, or an elder. My heart is broken.

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