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There are more unattractive people in my DMs than anything…actually they’re all unattractive. So I’m just about ready to make the leap and date someone facially-challenged. Here are some reasons why it might work.

5. They’ll Work Harder to Impress You – At the end of the day, they know you look better than them. So expect more flowers, compliments, and whatever else it takes for you to continue to look them in the face.

4. You’ll Learn the Importance of Inner Beauty – Since you won’t be super occupied with how your partner looks, this gives you plenty of time to focus on their personality, which is a great thing to learn to do as you grow up and realize looks aren’t everything.

3. The Sex is the BOMB – If bae knows you’re not with him for his looks, he’s gonna make sure you’re at least with him for his body. Feel me?

2. They (Probably) Won’t Cheat – Um…..cheat with who?? And if they do cheat, it will be with someone ugly, so you shouldn’t even feel bad.

1.  They Might Think You’re Ugly Too – Scientists say we tend to date people on the same level of attractiveness. So the whole time you’re worried about avoiding bae’s face…he’s probably avoiding yours too.

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