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Paul Wall At The #979CarShow 2018 (PHOTOS)

Source: Eli Harris / Radio One

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Paul Wall was in a serious accident. He explains his experience through an Instagram post:

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#Repost @paulwallbaby with @make_repost ・・・ So crazy last night. I brought my 12 year old son Will to my concert I’m Austin, Texas with @slimthug @where_mikejones @lilflip713 . This was my son first time Comin with squad. He’s came to shows before but only when my wife @cryswallbaby_bamf is there. This time my son came along with the crew, 6 of us in a sprinter. Before we left the house my son and I prayed like we always do. We prayed that God would protect us while we are out, that our travels would be safe, and that our family and home would be protected while we are gone. I called @cryswallbaby_bamf and told her Will was coming and she was excited too. , ( @besomeone @mrcirocpatron @gu_heffner me, and my Son Will) @apex_bubbz Was telling us how he had just upgraded and reinforced the outside panels and doors for added protection. We were all pretty excited that my son got to come to his first show. My son was asking me how he could help, what could he do, what could he learn etc. He was like an intern for the night. So, we were all excited and proud, and on high alert to make sure nothing goes wrong on his first show with us. Right as we pulled into the concert venue @nuttybrownamphitheatre I looked out the window and see a white truck coming right toward us. He had just came through the stop light there. He had 2 hands on the wheel, and he was buckling down as he was speeding up to hit us. Although there was an empty lane to his left, he sped up and came right in my direction (middle row passenger where he made impact). Both vehicles are completely totaled. We all had to climb out of the back of the sprinter because it had spunt around and bent in all the metal, broken glass. My son was sitting directly behind me with his seat belt on 🙏🙏 (back row passenger). The fact that we were all able to walk away in tact is a miracle. I just wanted to share it with u in case u needed a reminder that God answers prayers. My son and I prayed for traveling grace and protection, and God answered our prayers. Today my wife @cryswallbaby_bamf told me that when we got off the phone to tell her Will was coming with me- she had a vision of a car accident and immediately prayers

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