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The most beloved segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live! has returned featuring some of the biggest names in Rap. As expected the posts were downright brutal.

On the chopping block were the likes of 50 Cent, Anderson Paak, Big Sean and Tyler The Creator. While some showed a sense of humor there were a couple of spicy clap backs.

When Remy Ma was told “I feel like Remy Ma physically fights her beats. Like she can’t rap to save here life.” she responded in true Remy fashion. “Remy Ma also physically fights people who talk sh*t on Twitter. Like – for real. B*tch come up” she replied.

Or when T-Pain was put on notice with “Hey, what happened to T-Pain? There’s still a massive market for s**tty music.” The rapper turnt singer made it clear with he wasn’t feeling the commentary with “Sh**ty music or not, I’m still doing much better than you! Suck my d*ck.”

Others were dealt tweets that were so funny they could only smile, like when Weezy read “Lil Wayne is what happens when you pour four loko on a gremlin.”

The whole video is below:

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