A.I, Drones & Robots…Oh My! [VIDEO]


News: A.I, Drones & Robots…oh my!

Warning: The robots are coming! Amazon is leading the charge to a whole new way of life and resistance is futile. T-Mobile & Sprint announces 5G for all. Over 2 billion people worldwide are “unbanked.” By 2020, video surveillance will be watching every move you make. Enter this week’s edition of Tech This Out News!

Interview: Over 2 Billion People ‘Unbanked’, Blockchain To The Rescue!

With over 2 billion adults worldwide that are still ‘underbanked’ or unbanked, Latino-owned FinTech company Uulala see the huge untapped potential of this multi-trillion dollar market. CEO of Uulala, Oscar Garcia discusses how his company has created a solution that is geared at servicing this audience.

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