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In 2014, residents of Flint, Michigan were the victims of a terrible water contamination in their city’s water system. Three years later the city has been able to make great progress thanks to work of Mayor Karen Weaver.

Up for re-election on November 7, embattled Flint, MI Mayor Karen Weaver talks with our very own Sybil Wilkes in an exclusive three-part interview about the Flint Water Crisis and her re-election.

Listen below.

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In part one of this revealing one-on-one, Mayor Weaver gets candid about how becoming the first black female Mayor of Flint made her the victim of a political witch hunt in a city still trying to recover from one of the nation’s worst water epidemics.


Mayor Weaver, facing a recall election on Tuesday, November 7 continues her candid conversation with Sybil Wilkes. Describing a local atmosphere of political, gender and racial discrimination within city ranks; plus verbal harassment and how her faith is keeping her strong.

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Mayor Weaver, pulls no punches in the third portion of the interview. Describing the “lukewarm” support she’s received from the Democratic party for all the programs, jobs and innovations her administration has enacted to rebuild Flint on a pathway to vibrancy – and she gets honest about why her hometown of Flint and its future means so much to her!