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This Women’s History (Herstory) Month, singer Janelle Monáe invites those who are disgusted by menstruation to gather around, pull up a seat if needed, and listen to the politics of “period shaming.”

On Friday, Monáe honored the process many women go through by tweeting, “Menstrual Period Blood. #WomensHistoryMonth.”

However, she was soon met with backlash with many Twitter users finding her tweet disgusting. She swiftly responded by insinuating that there are definitely more things to be “grossed out” by than a little bit of blood.

She even was nice enough to be in individual conversation with her fellow women to help unpack the taboo of menstruation discussion.

When one user was not understanding Monáe’s initial approach to discussing menstruation, Monáe decided to re-strategize.

In conclusion, Monáe let the Twitter world know menstrual period blood and bodily fluids are a natural part of life and in fact, they help create life. Thus, these biological elements should not lead anyone to feel ashamed. If anyone thinks otherwise, then you are contributing to, you guessed it, “period shaming.”

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