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Kyle Norman from Jagged Edge was arrested for domestic violence battery, cruelty to children in the 3rd degree, property damage and obstruction.

Norman’s wife, Marrika, called cops early in the morning, and said she’d been awakened by scuffling in the next room. She found Norman pummeling his son, Keelan, and a family cousin trying to break it up. The cousin put Norman in a sleeper hold, and Keelan ran out of the room, but an enraged Norman followed his son to continue the alleged assault, according to the report.

“Mr. Norman was still irate,” the police report states. “He followed his …son downstairs to the living room, while approaching his …son he punched a hole in the wall.”

The pair started fighting again, and in the process, shattered a glass mirror. The son managed to get away from his father, but Norman wouldn’t let it go, and “grabbed a knife in an attempt to stab his son,” the report says. It’s not clear how old the son is.

Norman’s daughter told police she was so terrified by her father’s alleged assault that she ran into a closet to hide. Keelan, the son, said his father spent the night boozing and speaking “recklessly” to everyone in the house. When the son challenged his father’s threatening behavior – telling him “He can’t be talking to grown a** people the way he does” – Norman started swinging, the police report says.

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