T.I.'s bodyguard got stabbed at one of his concerts in Canada.

According to Kyle Norman from Jagged Edge was arrested for domestic violence battery, cruelty to children in the 3rd degree, property damage and obstruction. Norman’s wife, Marrika, called cops early in the morning, and said she’d been awakened by scuffling in the next room. She found Norman pummeling his son, Keelan, and a family cousin […]

Man, people are getting to be a little to tense these days. Arguing over pizza and then a knife comes out? The next time I order pizza, the driver can be two hours late and I will not say a word!

Indiana Pacers’ small forward Chris Copeland and his wife Katrine Saltara were both stabbed after leaving New York City hotspot 1Oak shortly before 4 a.m. this morning,…