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Nate Parker

Nate Parker‘s film The Birth Of A Nation hit theaters last weekend and the box office numbers were less than great.

The movie, which scored an unprecedented $17.5 million deal at the Sundance Film Festival, raked in only $7.1 million over the weekend. In every film flop, people are always looking to place the blame on someone for dropping the ball. In this case, Black women are being blamed for the film’s lackluster box office numbers, after an article written on Medium arguing that Black feminists being petty is what caused BOAN to flop.

The author claims that Black women have declined to support Nate Parker ever since they found out he was married to a White woman, and the rape allegations made things worse. The author of the article, a Black woman, wrote, “We are petty, we are insecure, we are destructive, we have more social and political power than our male counterparts than we’d like to acknowledge and we need to use it better.”

Twitter is currently on fire, with Black women speaking out against the absurd accusations that they’re the reason for the film’s failure:

What are your thoughts on the film’s box office disappointment?

SOURCE: Medium | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty/J. Countess

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