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Congratulations are in order for “Jilly from Philly” better known as Jill Scott (click on the video above to play). The incredible award-winning singer, songwriter and poet got married this weekend to her love, Mike Dobson.

The event was an all-white ceremony with family, friends and celebrities in attendance. There was even an impromptu performance by hip-hop legend, Big Daddy Kane (play the video below).

The grooms friend, DJ Mars, was all too surprised as well. The DJ posted on his instagram,”This wedding made my summer!” Mars wrote. “I’ve known Mike for almost 20 years, but dude could have alluded to the fact that he was marrying Jill Scott(lol)! All he said was, u are working with her in Vegas. He’s a total class act, he won with the wedding! #djmarsapproved.”

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Dobson was a longtime boyfriend of Scott and she is happier than ever.

Scott was also honest about the things she’s learned from her divorce with Lyzel Williams in 2007 and why she was reluctant at first to make such a commitment with someone at that level again.

“When it was time to go, it was time to go,” Scott said. “I now know if I were to ever get married again, it’s all the way or we’re not going. We’re not making that next move at all. That’s the issue with me. That means I have to find someone willing to make that same exact commitment. If not, life is good. Fruit is sweet, traveling is awesome, and family is healthy. I’ll live, but I would prefer to sit and love someone equally. I’m understanding love even more because I have a child. I know regardless of what he does; spill juice all over the floor or draw on the wall, that I still love him anyway. I still want his company. I still have a deep desire to hold his hand. That’s the next level of love regardless of what’s going on.”

The couple has not made any official announcement. We are just happy for the two and wish them a lifetime of love.

Way to go Jill!

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