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A 41-year-old man has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in upstate New York. The victim? His own daughter.

According to, the man posed as a teenage boy on Instagram and began messaging his daughter in October of 2013. In the messages, he claimed to be 15 years old and told his 14-year-old daughter that she had a “hot body.” Soon after, he began to coerce his daughter into sending naked photos of herself.

When the victim later attempted to end communication with her “internet boyfriend,” who she still believed to be 15, the man blackmailed her with the threat of sending their explicit conversations to her father. Subsequently, the girl continued to send nude images, writing to her abuser, “Can we please be done?”

Once communication was finally cut off, the father sent the nude images to his cell phone and used them as “leverage” to further victimize his daughter. He also posed as the boy’s mother and told his daughter that her “internet boyfriend” had committed suicide.

The lies began to unfold one year after the phony suicide, when the daughter revealed to her school nurse that her father was sexually abusing her.

In court, the man reportedly cried and told the judge, “I’m giving away years of my life.” He faces up to 250 years in prison.

SOURCE: Jezebel, | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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