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It goes without saying, if Prince ever asks you to throw a party for him in exchange for a concert ticket, your answer would undoubtedly be yes.

And, without question, you would work your hardest to throw the most epic party that you possibly can. Not to mention, making sure the music is immaculate, after all, Prince is one of the best musicians in the world.

For Questlove, however, his plan didn’t exactly go the way he thought it would.

In the hilarious video above, the Philly native and Roots percussionist Questlove recounted the time when he threw and DJ’d what he believed would be a fun party for the superstar. Much to his dismay, things took a turn for the left.

The beginning of the video starts with Questlove giving us the backstory to how he was asked to throw Prince a party. Basically, in a rush to purchase tickets for a Prince concert, he managed to forget to buy himself a ticket.

According to Questlove, after some serious finessing, he was able to get in — but there was one catch: Prince wanted him to throw an after party, and he wanted to play pool.

After much stress and bloodshed, Questlove and his business partner were able to pull off the impossible and secure a venue — with a pool table — for Prince’s enjoyment.

During the party, Questlove, who is also a DJ, began spinning Fela Kuti tracks, but it seemed as if Prince wasn’t feeling it.

He may have been right.

After trying to switch to a more upbeat track, Prince’s assistant kindly asked Questlove to pop in the Finding Nemo DVD instead. Embarrassing.

And, ironic enough, three years after his awkward booting from the booth, Quest ended up at another Prince party. And the music being played? Fela Kuti.

Oh how things come full circle.


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