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The website formerly known as Rap Genius has since grown into something a lot bigger, but it’s still the hip-hop community that’s supplying much of its support. Now simply Genius, the lyric-annotation network has already received funding from music legends Nas and Pharrell, and can now count Eminem among its investors.“Coming up we would always obsess over the lyrics from our favorite MCs. Picking everything apart, trying to get into their heads,” Eminem said in a statement announcing the partnership. “I still do that today and Genius helps to make it a worldwide conversation. Pretty amazing to me.”Genius will now power parts of the Shady records site, as well as the lyrics section on Em will continue to provide verified annotations on his own lyrics, which he’s done extensively in the past.

According to Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, the Shady records team is “excited” for what the partnership “brings for both sides”.