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BREAKING NEWS: Two students, one staff member and a construction worker were stabbed outside the University of California Merced. The assailant was later shot and killed by campus police.

Two of the victims were airlifted to a hospital, the other two were treated on campus. They are said to be conscious yet in critical condition.

According to the LA Times, the attacker was in a verbal altercation with the construction worker prior to stabbing him. The situation then escalated from inside a classroom to an office building. The incident began around 8am and within 15 minutes, the attacker was subdued on the pedestrian bridge connecting the campus’ two halves.

Due to the resulting chaos on campus, initial reports indicated that five people had been wounded but school officials clarified there were only four victims.

“I can tell you that we’re really shocked and saddened by this,” said the school’s spokeswoman Lorena Anderson. “We’re doing everything we can to contact family and parents to make sure everyone here is safe and secure.”

University of California Merced is the 10th and latest school in the UC system. It was founded in September 2005 and boasts nearly 7,000 students primarily from the San Joaquin Valley. “We’re small,” Anderson added, “A lot of us know each other really well. It’s shocking. You hear about it at other places and you hope to God it’s not going to happen on our campus.”

Classes have since been suspended. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


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